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  • Phone: 918 29 46 55

Some of the DELL Madrid computer repair services we offer

Keyboard replacement

Does your computer keyboard have errors? We can help you keep this from interrupting your tasks with a keyboard replacement. Contact us. Together, we can get your PC back to like-new in less time than you think.

Dell Chassis and Hinge Repair

Broken chassis or hinge of your computer? No problem! We help you with the repair of your PC’s chassis and hinges. Shall we contact you to offer you a solution to this problem?

BUY PORTABLE chargers and batteries

If your laptop’s battery or charger has broken and you don’t know where to get a replacement or fix the part, we can guide you. We make that change of battery or charger today! Consult with TechDell to give you the best solution.

Genuine Windows installation

Do you want to do a genuine Windows installation and don’t know how? Don’t dwell on the matter any more. All you have to do is contact the specialists to solve these cases that are waiting for you at TechDell.

Repair of computer screens

Has your computer screen broken or damaged? No problem. TechDell can resolve that error preventing you from working with your device in no time. Write us and tell us the situation in more detail.


Do you want or need to make a hard drive change? We do it for you! Leave this delicate task in the hands of a true expert like each and every TechDell computer expert. Shall we talk so you can have a faster and more powerful PC?

Data recovery

Shall we talk so you can have a faster and more powerful PC? We can help you with data recovery, quickly, but effectively. You have all our advice in this case and any other problem that requires the presence of a computer professional.

Locate us

Our DELL Madrid computer repair support is at Calle de Joaquín María López, 26. But it is easier for you to see it on the map:

TechDell is located in Madrid, C. de Joaquín María López 26, very close to Plaza de España, at only  8 minutes  and 3 stops of Metro Islas Filipinas.

Where to repair a Dell laptop, with warranty?

In case you are still within the valid time range to use it, you can directly contact the brand’s technical service at:
1) The first thing you should do is log in to your Dell account in Spain. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to create it. In this way you will save time and verify how the resolution of your case is going.
2) Once inside the help panel you can enter the data of your equipment and select the problem you have. Many of the solutions will be provided if you have an active product warranty.


Repair of DELL computers and laptops in Madrid, at all times

Our professionals will be in charge exclusively of working on the repair of your computer, that is, without interrupting the work with other projects, so that you can have it in your hands as soon as possible.

If a PC is very old and does not charge, could it be a problem with the equipment, the battery or the charger?

Indeed. When a laptop has already spent 5 or 6 years of use, the causes of its non-operation can be due to many factors. However, if you notice that it has suddenly stopped charging, this may be due to a damaged charger or battery, the latter component being the most prone to change.

One of the ways to verify where the problem lies is by trying to remove the battery, plugging the device into the outlet and, if the power passes that way, it is because, perhaps, the battery is the part to change.

In addition, as we have said, the error may be another not so visible. Therefore, if the above does not work or you do not have an alternative charger with the same characteristics to try if it is this product, we recommend you go to a computer repair shop such as TechDell to verify the situation of the equipment and what do about it.

Problems at the level of repair of Dell computers and laptops like these are the ones that we can solve in our local. Problems at the level of repair of Dell computers and laptops like these are the ones that we can solve in our local.

We offer you the best quality and customer service in our DELL technical service

Repair DELL computers Madrid at home

This modality is perfect for you. Nothing more inconvenient than having to move a whole computer and its parts to a place where they can check it. Therefore, we urge you to consult about this great benefit that we have at your disposal.

We put at your disposal the technical repair service for DELL computers and laptops


It has a dedicated team specialized in PC repair

To make sure Dell support is running smoothly, we track every job. We contact you to confirm that your equipment is in the optimal conditions it deserves after the procedure it has undergone.

You will find the best user experience at TechDell

We repair all types of Dell computers. We also perform virus cleaning and data recovery. Our experienced technicians can come to your home or business to deal with your technology problems quickly and safely.

A Dell computer repair service in Madrid, designed for your comfort and peace of mind.